Long Tousled Waves with Braid – Cute!!!

Asymmetry, braids and pretty, tumbling disorder are important themes in this season’s most popular hair designs, so this fantastic style is the perfect way to update your long hair!

Long Tousled Waves with Braid
Back view of Long Tousled Waves with Braid /tumblr

The hair is all one length, with the ends carefully textured for delicate wispy tips. To produce asymmetric profiles, the hair is drawn back from one side of the face and woven into a very attractive horizontal band.

The texture of the braided band creates a fabulous pattern and marks the creative contrast between the smooth hair at the crown and the fabulous twisting, turning defined waves below.

If you love today’s relaxed and carefree fashion look – this is definitely the make-over hairstyle for you!

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