16 Lovely Easter Bunny Nail Arts You May Love

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Easter is coming soon. At Easter, eggs will be painted in a colorful way and they will be piled up around you for sure. In Easter holidays, why not have your nails polished in an Easter nail art to meet the spirit of the holiday. If you don’t know how to paint an Easter nail art, you can just check today’s post out. Today, we are going to offer you a couple of bunny nail arts. The designs are lovely as well as pretty. They embrace not only the adorable bunnies, but also the flowers or the carrots.

We don’t think that you will miss the nail arts because they make people happy when they are painted in such an adorable way. Hope you love the nail designs and choose one of them as your Easter nail art.

Blue Nails with Bunnies

Blue Nails with Bunnies via

Pink Nails

Pink Nails via

Black Nails with Bunnies

Black Nails with Bunnies via

Bunny Nails

Bunny Nails via

Funny Nails

Funny Nails via

Bunny and Carrot

Bunny and Carrot via

Purple Nails

Purple Nails via

Beautiful Nails

Beautiful Nails via

Funny Bunny Nails

Funny Bunny Nails via

Cute Nails

Cute Nails via

Pretty Bunny Nails

Pretty Bunny Nails via

Easter Nails

Easter Nails via


Bunnies via

Pink Nails with a Bunny

Pink Nails with a Bunny via

Stylish Bunny Nails

Stylish Bunny Nails via

Dot and Bunny Nails

Dot and Bunny Nails via