How to Make a Floral Nail Polish for Spring

Hello, girls! What do you want to print for your spring nail art? It’s amazing for you to print some lovely flowers and create a spring feel on the nails. As the blossom will boom in spring, you can make a floral nail art for the season. How to print flowers on nails may become a question for many girls, but it will be solved in today’s post. The post is going to tell every girl to make a gorgeous floral nail polish.

You can begin with drawing a rose. Maybe you will think it’s hard for you before. Actually it’s easy and pretty for you after practicing the tutorials. If you haven’t had your nails painted in floral polish, you can use the tutorials to make the nail art. You can just draw some circles and some lines or curved lines, but don’t forget to add leaves to the roses and color the roses in red in order to make them look more real.

Here is a rose nail art idea. It’s a simple picture which shows you every stroke of the rose paint. Nothing is better than a step-by-step drawing for beginners.

Roses via

In spite of such a easy rose nail art, more floral nail design tutorials are here for you. Believe in yourself, it’s not hard for you to make a floral nail design. The most important thing is to practice more by learning the tutorials below. Practice makes perfect! You can have a pretty floral nail art soon.

Funny Rose Nails
Funny Rose Nails via
Floral Design
Floral Design via
Simple Floral Nails
Simple Floral Nails via
Pretty Nail Art
Pretty Nail Art via
Purple Rose
Purple Rose via
Blue and Pink Nails
Blue and Pink Nails via
Red Rose
Red Rose via
Stylish Rose Nails
Stylish Rose Nails via
Vintage Nails
Vintage Nails via
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