Nail Designs: Why Not Put Flowers on Nails

Though fall is approaching, flowers are still smiling at you. We always love to put flower elements to our clothes or shoes, such as floral shorts, flower printed shoes. Also, we add flowers to our manicure. Floral nail arts never fade away from our sight. They are adored by girls. So today, we continue to introduce ultra-pretty floral nail designs to you.

You can just stay with us and check the post out. You will find dozens of floral nails in the post. For rose nails, you can find different colors and different shapes of the roses. Actually, the rose nail arts are all about your imagination.

Choose one of the nail designs below to try out. Don’t worry about the skills. Practice more and have a perfect floral nail design for your next event.

Blue and Purple Nails
Blue and Purple Nails via
Sunflower Nails
Sunflower Nails via
Colorful Flower Nails
Colorful Flower Nails via
Simple Flower Nails
Simple Flower Nails via
Pretty Flower Nails
Pretty Flower Nails via
Rose Nails
Rose Nails via
White Nails with Roses
White Nails with Roses via
Easy Floral Nails
Easy Floral Nails via
Stylish Floral Nails
Stylish Floral Nails via
Blue Rose Nails
Blue Rose Nails via
Pink Nails
Pink Nails via
Neon Flower Nails
Neon Flower Nails via
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