Nail Designs to Try: Stunning Nail Arts for the Week

This week, we are going to introduce some stunning nail arts to you. The arts come in different colors and styles. From cartoon prints to cool prints, you can find them in the post. You can even change the polishes for every day by this post.

In addition, the post picks up some latest nail designs for those who still don’t know what to paint for their nails for the week. Girls, you can just check the designs out and find your favorite ones. The designs won’t fail you. They can be painted for many occasions and lots of outfits.

If you are interested in the latest nail designs, you won’t miss the post. Then try them out right away!

Cool Nail Art
Cool Nail Art via
Ombre Nails with Glitter
Ombre Nails with Glitter via
Black Nails
Black Nails via
Floral Nails
Floral Nails via
Red Nails
Red Nails via
Purple Nails
Purple Nails via
White Nails
White Nails via
Metallic Nails
Metallic Nails via
Animal Print Nails
Animal Print Nails via
Star Nails
Star Nails via
Pastel Nails
Pastel Nails via
Mismatched Nails
Mismatched Nails via
Cute Nails
Cute Nails via
Pink Nails
Pink Nails via
Cartoon Nails
Cartoon Nails via
Cartoon Red Nails
Cartoon Red Nails via
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