Popular Short Haircuts for Women – Choose The Right Short Hairstyle

Nowadays, the short hair is becoming more and more popular. It’s so prevalent that you can see it from men and women  wearing different kinds of clothes, from skinny jeans to trench coats. If you are looking for a more modern and fashionable hairstyle, the short haircut will be the best choice. The short haircuts have many variations, such as the the bob, pixie and shag, all of which can creat qutie a dramatic statement. Moreover, the short hair needs qutie lower maintenance and to do a short hairstyle is more economical than the long one. Here are some short haircuts perpared elaborately for you.

Short Haircuts for Women

Short Haircut for Women - pixie cut
Short Haircut for Women

As is mentioned above, modern short haircuts have many types, from conventional bob to more interesting inverted bob. To choose the most suitable one, it depends much on your hair texture, age and lifesyle.

Short Bob Haircut

Inverted Bob cut
Side View of Inverted Bob cut

Ladies who work in a professional sector or who are over 50 can try this great bob cut. It is a classic haircut and to make it, the stylist would cut your hair up to your nape. In order to get softer look, wispy edges are made to frame both sides of the face. For a modern and edgy look,  the short bob hairstyle is combined with blunt bangs which can frame the forehead.

Short Pixie Haircut

Victoria Beckham Haircut
Victoria Beckham Haircut

Victoria Beckham sported a trendy  short haircut, that is, the pixie cut. To get this haircut, the hair will be cut around ears and the back. An unique appeal of the pixie haircut  can be achieved with the company of the very short bangs which can be  swept to one side. The short pixie haircut is the best choice for delicate women. However, if your face is round, it’s best to avoid this haircut. You may choose hairstyles with soft, graduated layers. Subtle layering is great, for it can give the hairstyle more interest and movement.

Short Cropped Haircut

Short Hairstyles 2014
Short Hairstyles for Women

The cropped haircut is quite popular. Go for it if you like the chic look. To do this hairstyle, the stylist will keep your hair in the crown long and full, in order that the hair can be swept to one side and the ends can be pushed behind your ear. Just like the pixie haircut, subtle layering at the back gives the hair some movement and body. It is a sexy  look when the hair is grazing your cheekbones.

Layered Haircut

Back View of Layered Bob Hairstyle
Back View of Layered Bob Hairstyle

If you want to look choppy with a softness to it, try the short layered haircut. Layers in the crown portion should be full and as long as two or three inches. At the back of the head, it tapers down. To get the hair a very feminine look, the hair around the sides should be left about an inch longer than the back. The layered haircut can deliver a fine look and it is a wonderful choice for women of different ages.

Short Gamine Haircut

Katie Holmes Short Gamine Haircut
Katie Holmes Short Gamine Haircut

Another one of the trendiest haircut is the Gamine Haircut, just like Rihanna’s hot new haircut. The stylist first crops the hair very closely at the nape of the neck, and there should also be subtle three inch layers on the crown and bangs about five inches long. Remember, the bangs should just graze your eyebrows. This haircut is most fabulous with both short wavy hairstyle and thickset highlight short hair.

Short Flapper Haircut

Side View of Short Flapper Haircut
Side View of Short Flapper Haircut

When you want a retro look, try the short flapper haircut. To get this haircut, the stylist should cut the hair the same length without any layers. As for the front part, the hair would be kept about two inches long. Finally, create a side part and curl the front hair so that it can present a real charming appearance.


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