How to Reusing and Recycling Your Old Makeup

Do not throw your old makeup and beauty products yet. If you usually have a hard time throwing away this stuff, you have one more reason to hold on to it. You can reuse your make and various beauty products, to make yourself even more beautiful. Not only will you be saving money, you will also be getting creative in using what you have, to the fullest. Here are some easy and fun ways to make use of your beauty products while they have not gone bad yet.

Reusing and Recycling Your Old Makeup

Get rid of “Bacne”- Back Acne

Back acne can keep you from donning open back dresses and blouses. But you can use what you have, to keep acne off your back. Face wash can work great as a body wash. So if you are thinking of buying a body wash specifically for your back, think twice. The salicylic acid that is present in face wash also penetrates deep into the skin pores on your back, as much as it does on your face.

Body Sponge

Wondering what you can do with your body sponges once you do not require them anymore to scrub you body? Instead of buying extra cleaning sponges and brushes for hard to reach areas, use these body sponges instead. The net that comes with the pouf will give you a squeaky-clean bathtub and sinks.

Cuticle Oil

You know just how essential cuticle oil is when doing manicures and pedicures. The oil helps to smoothen out your cuticles and makes them look well groomed. But, what if you do not have any at the time of your manicure/pedicure? Consider applying the clear balm that you use for your lips. This makes a great cuticle oil substitute. All you have to do is apply a modest amount on the cuticles and you are good to go.

Talking of home pedicures, did you know that you could use your body cream in the water that you use to soak your feet? Body cream or lotion, is a perfect moisturizer and works wonders when mixed with warm water. The result is soft feet that are ready for soothing exfoliation.

The Mascara Wand

Once your mascara tube is empty, the natural thing to do is to throw it way. By you will be surprised at how helpful the application wand can be especially during home manicures and pedicures. Simply clean the wand and use it to clean beneath your fingers and toe nails.

False Lashes

Sometimes the temptation is too strong to give up on the falsies, even after we have used them for a while now. Nevertheless, you can bring them back to life by simply soaking them in warm water for about ten minutes. This will make it easy for you to clean off any residual glue and makeup. Just dip a cotton swab in nail polish remover and then clean off the debris immediately. Leave them to dry naturally and they will be in perfect shape the next day.

Tip: Contact lens boxes are wonderful portable storage for your tiny make up and accessories including false lashes, ear and nose rings.

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