Short Hairstyles for Women

The long hair which was once thought to be the only way for a modish look at parties and events has been favored by women for a long time. Despite this fact, more and more people prefer a perfect short hairstyle which is easy to manage and maintain.

Short Hairstyles for 2014
Short Hairstyles for Women – Side View of highlighted short cut with layers /pinterest

Short Hairstyle for Women

Short hairstyle is various and unruly. For example, not everyone can carry an inverted bob or a charming pixie! Thus, short hairstyle can make you showy as long as you choose the suitable style and it is done up perfectly. Medium or very short hairdo can be classy, cute and chic. Therefore, whatever you want to wear for an event, you can always find a suitable short hairstyle to match it.

Very Short Hairstyles

If you have very a short hair, you can apply wax on it when it’s wet, and then dry it, blowing it to make some punk hairstyles. You can also try mohawk styles and fashionable red and blue streaks with your short hair. These hairstyles are so cute that they can definitely make you a few years younger. Moreover, you can bevel your hair back on top with bangs on the ear and a small bunch on your forehead, which is another way to make  you look younger and look  like a star.

Medium Short

Medium short may not be as alive as the short ones. Layered hairstyle is a good try. You can also try the asymmetric long fringe to get a soft bob. The fringe can be straightened of curled whenever you like. For a faddish and sophisticated look, you can choose a “jaw length crop”, which can be professional when combined with a correct suit and make your cool party dress modish. In addition, you can try funky hair highlights to show your personality.

Neck Length

When your hair is at the neck length, do not just leave it there. You can do a lot of things to perfect it. There are plenty of hairstyles you can choose .Gel it, perm it, layer it or even braid it to add some waves to your hair instead of just leaving it there  so dull. You should always remember to add attractions to your short hair.

Hairstyles and Face Types

Different hairstyles is suitable for different people, and the key is the type of the face. Here are recommended hairstyles for different face types.

Round face: Layered hairstyle with long fringes instead of blunt hairstyles. It will make your face look a bit longer by enhancing your jaw line.

Square face: A soft blowzy look which can soften the angular jaw line. Avoid cutting the jaw line when you go for a fringe, and you’d better make the fringe longer or shorter than the jaw line.

Oval face: All kinds of hairstyles! This is the perfect face type. By the way, a pixie cut will be serviceable if you want to enhance your cheekbones.

Long face: A chin length bob. Avoid the middle parting which will make your face look much longer and thinner.

Well, all mentioned above are some great tips for this season’s trendiest short hairstyles. Have a try, you are sure to look gorgeous and professional!

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