Top 13 Blue Pointy Nails

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I love the blue sea and the clean sky because I feel clam and peaceful when I see the color blue. Light blue means the sky while deep blue means the ocean. Sometimes, the color may be between blue and green, so it may means the color of the nature. If you ask me what the neon blue means, you can get the answer ‘lights’.

What do various blue mean in your mind? Have you ever got your nails polished in gorgeous blue? If you say no, you can find blue nail designs here. Today, the post will tell you how gorgeous the blue nails are. Here are the designs.

Blue Nails with Heartshape

Blue Nails with Heartshape via

Blue Nails

Blue Nails via

Blue and Sliver Nails

Blue and Sliver Nails via

Blue Nails with Glitter

Blue Nails with Glitter via

Blue Nails with Bow

Blue Nails with Bow via

Glitter Blue Nails

Glitter Blue Nails via

Mismatched Nails

Mismatched Nails via

Blue and Black Nails

Blue and Black Nails via

Deep Blue Nails

Deep Blue Nails  via

Blue and Pink Nails

Blue and Pink Nails via

Blue Nails with Studs

Blue Nails with Studs via

Pretty Stiletto Nails

Pretty Stiletto Nails via

Stylish Nails

Stylish Nails via