Try a Summer Twisted Updo: Updo Hair Designs

How can’t you wear a twisted updo for summer? The twisted updo is versatile. It can not only be a way to pin the hair up, but also give women a vivid look. The updo comes in different shapes and different styles. It does bring a pretty vibe to women. Women who wear twisted updo look ultra-feminine and fresh in summer.

There are lots of twisted updo for you to choose in the post for this summer. No matter what kind of hair you have, you can style your hair as a twisted updo. To style a twisted updo, you will smooth your hair first. Then you can begin to do the hair carefully using some hair tricks. In order to make a perfect twisted updo, you need to prepare for hair pins and hair spray.

Have no hesitation to style one of designs below. Trust us! You will be ultra-pretty with the hairstyle.

Messy Updo
Messy Updo via
French Twist
French Twist via
Floral Updo
Floral Updo via
Side Bun
Side Bun via
Loose Updo
Loose Updo via
Chic Twisted Updo
Chic Twisted Updo via
Stylish Updo
Stylish Updo via
Wedding Updo
Wedding Updo via
Twisted Updo
Twisted Updo via
Twisted Bun
Twisted Bun via
Low Bun
Low Bun via
Braided Twisted Updo
Braided Twisted Updo via
Pretty Updo
Pretty Updo via
Romantic Twist
Romantic Twist via
Simple Twist
Simple Twist via
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