Velvet Nail Designs You Won’t Miss

Velvet nail arts become trendy now. They are made of basic coats and the flocking powder. The flocking powder on the nails creates a funny but chic look. The nail arts give women a fluffy vibe on the nails. Here, some beautiful velvet nail designs are introduced.

The designs are bright in colors. To have a beautiful velvet nail art, you can choose some bright colors to lighten up the look. If you don’t like a monochromatic color, you can combine several colors together and create some stylish patterns for the nails. Today, the post will show you ultra-beautiful patterned nails by flocking powder as well. When you begin to DIY one of the designs below, be careful of adding flocking powder to the nails because you may mess up the powder in different colors.

Have a look at the velvet nail designs. Hope you have fun with the post and you can try out one of the designs to rock the nails.

Deep Blue Velvet Nails
Deep Blue Velvet Nails via
Mint Velvet Nails
Mint Velvet Nails via
Purple Velvet Nails
Purple Velvet Nails via
Dark Velvet Nails
Dark Velvet Nails via
Green Velvet Nails with Flower Print
Green Velvet Nails with Flower Print via
Leopard Velvet Nails
Leopard Velvet Nails via
Velvet Nails with Glitter
Velvet Nails with Glitter via
Cool Velvet Nails
Cool Velvet Nails via
Pink Velvet Nails
Pink Velvet Nails via
Red and White Nails
Red and White Nails via
Pretty Velvet Nails
Pretty Velvet Nails via
Sweet Nails
Sweet Nails via
Ombre Velvet Nails
Ombre Velvet Nails via
Grey Nails
Grey Nails via
Velvet Nails with Dots
Velvet Nails with Dots via
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