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How to Wrap a Gift: DIY Ideas at Home

You have some gifts to friends and you have no wrapping paper in hand? Have you ever thought that you can wrap the gifts with home stuff? If you want to know more about the ideas of wrapping gifts at home, you can just stay with us and check the post out.

The post will show you ways to wrap the gifts by simple materials that are just got from the house. To make the wrapping paper vivid, you can use weave, colorful paper or even newspaper. Additionally, you can use these materials to make pretty bows or other lovely patterns.

More details and pictures will be found in the following post. You will get dozens of ideas of wrapping gifts right away. Just click the links and learn the tutorials. Get inspired!

Colorful Paper
Colorful Paper via
Pixel Weave
Pixel Weave via

Stylish Wrapping Paper

Color Blocking Paper
Color Blocking Paper via
Balloon via
Confetti via
Newspaper via
Colorful Bows
Colorful Bows via
Rose Decoration
Rose Decoration via
Add Natural Elements
Add Natural Elements via
Wax Paper
Wax Paper via
Bottles via
Floral Wrapping Paper
Floral Wrapping Paper via
Cute Paper
Cute Paper via
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