15 DIY Crafts for Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is not only celebrated by couples, but also by everyone. Even children can make something beautiful and sweet to show their love for parents. Today’s post is going to offer some DIY ideas for everyone to make Valentine’s gift for their beloved ones.

Here come the DIY tutorials. You can find different ways to make a Valentine’s Day card and finish them with your children or just make a gift for your beloved ones. Prettydesigns will not only show you the card tutorials, but also other DIY crafts for the day.

Stay with us and check the post out. As a DIY lover, you will love it and have no hesitation to finish the tutorials.

Cards for Valentine’s Day

How to show love to your beloved ones? Paint heart shapes on the cards? Or write do down some touching lines on them? There are many DIY ideas below. You won’t miss them.
Valentine’s Day Heart Shape

Valentine’s Day Heart Shape via

Pop-up Valentine’s Card

Pop-up Valentine’s Card via

Creative Valentine’s Day Cards

Creative Valentine’s Day Cards via

Write Down the Lines

Write Down the Lines via

Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day via


I LOVE YOU Card via

Free Printable Card

Free Printable Card via

Card Holders

Card Holders via

DIY Scratch Off Cards

DIY Scratch Off Cards via

Gifts for Valentine’s Day

You want to send chocolate to your beloved one? You need to know how to wrap it in the right way! What else do you want to give your beloved ones? There are also DIY ideas helping you out.

Easy Valentine’s Day Cookies

Easy Valentine’s Day Cookies via

DIY Photo Box

DIY Photo Box via

Blossom Cookies

Blossom Cookies via

Valentine’s Day Gift

Valentine’s Day Gift via

DIY Mugs

DIY Mugs via

Homemade Food Gifts

Homemade Food Gifts via