15 Faux Bob Designs for the Week

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The weather is warmer and warmer. Maybe it’s time for you to style a short hair look for such a warm weather. If you don’t want to cut off your long locks, why not go short with a faux bob? Faux bobs are pretty as well as sassy. They are adored by girls because it’s easy to make and it can silhouette any face shape.

Faux bobs can be made by long hair or mid-length hair. Actually, they are a kind of updo which is hidden by the other layers of hair. The hairstyles can fit both straight hair and curly hair. Moreover, they can fit many outfits and any occasion. Faux bobs are versatile hairstyles that are worth wearing for every daily life.

Today’s post is going to show you some faux bob designs. Have a look at the faux bob pictures and choose your favorite one. Have no hesitation to style a faux bob for the season.

Mila Kunis Faux Bob

Mila Kunis Faux Bob via

Faux Bob for Curly Hair

Faux Bob for Curly Hair via

Framing-face Faux Bob

Framing-face Faux Bob via

Bridal Faux Bob

Bridal Faux Bob via

Angular Faux Bob

Angular Faux Bob via

Jamie King Faux Bob

Jamie King Faux Bob via

Stylish Faux Bob

Stylish Faux Bob via

Loose Faux Bob

Loose Faux Bob via

Taylor Swift Faux Bob

Taylor Swift Faux Bob via

Elegant Faux Bob

Elegant Faux Bob via

Faux Bob for Blonde Hair

Faux Bob for Blonde Hair via

Pretty Faux Bob

Pretty Faux Bob via

Faux Bob with Deep Side Part

Faux Bob with Deep Side Part via

Zoe Saldana Faux Bob

Zoe Saldana Faux Bob via

Sassy Faux Bob

Sassy Faux Bob via

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