20 Outfits To Help You Dress As Your Favorite Disney Character

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I’m sure at least every girl reading this has thought about being a Disney princess. While being a Disney princess would be fun, dressing like a Disney princess is a little impractical. Having to work in a huge ball gown? No thank you, but one of the newest trends for Disney lovers is Disneybounding.

To put it very simply, Disneybounding is the act of dressing like a Disney character but while wearing regular clothes that you would wear to work, school or just hanging out at home. It has become wildly popular after Disney banned anyone over 14 from wearing costumes in the parks. The greatest thing about it is that most character can be recreated from issues in your own wardrobe, so depending on who you want to be, you can probably find a Disneybound in your own closet.

The creator of Disneybound, Leslie Kay even has her own website. On the website, she uses Polyvore to design outfits based around a certain character which is basically a guide if you have a certain character in mind. Here are some of Leslie’s best looks so far including all of the official and unofficial Disney princesses.

Cinderella DisneyBound

Princess Jasmine DisneyBound

Snow White Disneybound


Princess Anna Disneybound


Princess Elsa Disneybound


Princess Ariel Disneybound


Princess Rapunzel Disneybound


Princess Aurora/Sleeping Beauty DisneyBound


Princess Belle DisneyBound


Princess Tiana DisneyBound


Princess Merida DisneyBound


Princess Mulan DisneyBound

Princess Pocahontas DisneyBound

1950 Princess Cinderella DisneyBound


With all of the “official” Disney princesses done, it’s time to showcase some of “unofficial” Disney princesses and give you ideas on how to dress like them.

 Princess Leia From Star Wars DisneyBound

20 Outfits To Help You Dress As Your Favorite Disney Character

20 Outfits To Help You Dress As Your Favorite Disney Character


Princess Nala Disneybound

Megara From Hercules Disneybound

Jane Porter from Tarzan DisneyBound

 Esmeralda From Hunchback of Notre Dame Disneybound

 Classic 1951 Alice In Wonderland Disneybound

Now that you’ve seen all of the Disneybounds, what do you think? Would you ever consider dressing up like your favorite Disney character?