10 Hair Tutorials to Try: How to Teased Hair

Have you ever experienced with the teased hairstyles for your daily life? If you say no, you can stay with us and see how to don the teased hair look by youself at home.

We often admire teased hair from celebrities. Amber Heard’s teased updo is one of the hairstyles that we want to follow very much. She teases up all her locks and make a messy updo. What’s more, her makeup is perfect for her hairstyle. We didn’t know that mild smoky eyes and bronzed lips can go well with such a pretty teased updo.

Amber Heard Teased Hair
Amber Heard Teased Hair

Today we will offer some useful tutorials for you to make a teased hairstyle. More information can be found in the links.

It’s easy and pretty for every girl to style a teased hair by the tutorials. Have no hesitation to learn the hair tutorials and glam a pretty teased hair tomorrow.

Tips to Tease Your Hair
Tips to Tease Your Hair via
Teased Waves
Teased Waves via
Smooth Teased Hair
Smooth Teased Hair via
Teased Updo
Teased Updo via
Teased Ponytail
Teased Ponytail via
Teased Side Part
Teased Side Part via
Retro Hair
Retro Hair via
Teased Bangs
Teased Bangs via
Teased Top Knot
Teased Top Knot via
Messy Updo
Messy Updo via

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