11 Ways to Make DIY Chain Statement Necklaces With Chains

For girls who like bold and edgy-chic styles, today I’ll provide you with 11 ways to make DIY chain statement necklaces with chains. You can also add some details of your own taste, as long as they will make you standing out and be the center of attention in the crowd!

These cool and unique chain statement necklaces will add another definition to your whole outfits. Some simple and plain materials like colored ropes, fabric stripes or ribbons will give the chain a fabulous makeover with their own features. You can also mix the different sized chains together to create an unexpected effect. Some decorative pearls, beads and stones can be also used to add another sense to the final style. Then you needn’t to spend many money buy new jewelries to follow the latest fashion trendy afterwards.

DIY Chain Necklace
DIY Chain Necklace via


DIY Chunky Braid Necklace
DIY Chunky Braid Necklace via


DIY Crochet Statement Necklace
DIY Crochet Statement Necklace via


DIY Designer Inspired Ribbon and Chain Necklace
DIY Designer Inspired Ribbon and Chain Necklace via


DIY Double Chain Necklace
DIY Double Chain Necklace via


DIY Jumble Chain Choker Necklace
DIY Jumble Chain Choker Necklace via


DIY Multi-Strand Necklace
DIY Multi-Strand Necklace via


Pom Pom DIY Necklace
Pom Pom DIY Necklace via


DIY Crochet Chain Necklace
DIY Crochet Chain Necklace via


Nautical Rope & Chain Knot Necklace
Nautical Rope & Chain Knot Necklace via


DIY Braided Chain Necklace
DIY Braided Chain Necklace via


DIY Rope-Chain Necklace
DIY Rope-Chain Necklace via


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