12 Cute Nail Designs for Pretty Girls

Sometimes, spending a fortune on fashion professionals is not always a good idea as you can make your nail designs with your own personalities. To girls who love lovely styles, today I’ll show you 12 cute nail designs for pretty girls. Hope they will make a stylish look for you this summer!

I bet these lovely nails will give you tons of inspirations about how to make your nails. All of them quite fabulous and can be easily paired with your outfits. Besides, they are also very easy to make with just a few steps. If your daughter loves these cut nails too, you can also make them for her. She’ll be very happy about this. Whether the lively fruit shape, adorable dots or glittering stars will make you feel refreshing and youthful in the hot weather. Moreover, you’ll also feel like these fresh colors like pastel blue, bright yellow and green.

Charming Nail Art
Charming Nail Art via


Starry Night Nails
Starry Night Nails via


My favorite nail design
My favorite nail design via


Lovely Nails Tutorial
Lovely Nails Tutorial via


Louboutin Nails
Louboutin Nails via


Lively and colorful nails
Lively and colorful nails via


Green Nails
Green Nails via


Flowers on your nails. Perfect!
Flowers on your nails. Perfect! via


Easy to make
Easy to make via


Dotty Nail Art
Dotty Nail Art via


Collar Nail Art
Collar Nail Art via


Blue and Pink Design
Blue and Pink Design via


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