12 DIY Favor Ideas for You to Try

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Hey, DIY lovers! It’s a long time since you made the DIY projects? Then now it’s a right time for you to get your hands busy again. You don’t know what to do? Don’t worry. Today’s post will offer you 12 DIY Favor Ideas. I don’t think that you will miss it.

It’s easy for you to learn these DIY ideas. They will be made of bottles, frabic or cardboards. You can put everything you like in the favors, like candles, candies or cookies. You can make your favors cute, pretty or just simple.

More information can be found in the post below. Hope you enjoy and help make some favors for parties and weddings.

Super Easy Favor Bags

Super Easy Favor Bags via

DIY Favor Bags

DIY Favor Bags via

Handmade Packets

Handmade Packets via

Easy Wedding Favors

Easy Wedding Favors via

Party Favor

Party Favor via

Seed Packet Favors

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Mason Jar Cookies

Mason Jar Cookies via

Paper Packages

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Coffee Jars

Coffee Jars via

Popcorn Favors

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Mini Jars

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Light Favors

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