12 DIY Projects: Embellished Leggings

Hey, girls! There are DIY projects for you to keep in pace with the fashion. Today’s projects are about leggings. They will show you ways to spice up your leggings. Don’t throw away your dull leggings. Just collect them and give some makeovers to them in order to welcome the skirt season.

As a DIY addict, I don’t think you will miss every post about DIY projects. The post will tell you how to get your leggings embellished. You can put your favorite elements to your leggings, like pearls, heart shape…

Check the post out first and find what you want here. You will be satisfied with the results after follow these DIY projects. Hope you enjoy.

Leggings with Pearls
Leggings with Pearls via
Ombre Leggings
Ombre Leggings via
Leggings with Patches
Leggings with Patches via
Heart Shape Leggings
Heart Shape Leggings via
Leggings with Ice-cream Patterns
Leggings with Ice-cream Patterns via
Embellished Leggings
Embellished Leggings via
Warm Tights
Warm Tights via
Leggings with Glitter
Leggings with Glitter via
Two-tone Leggings
Two-tone Leggings via
Cute Heart Shape Leggings
Cute Heart Shape Leggings via
Leggings with Dots
Leggings with Dots via
Pretty Leggings
Pretty Leggings via

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