12 DIY Projects: How to Reuse the Wine Corks

Do you have problems to deal with the corks after drinking bottles of wine? Maybe there are thousands of corks being stored by someone at home or maybe thrown into trash. Actually, you can reuse the wine corks. Of course they can’t be the stoppers again, but they can be some useful and beautiful DIY crafts.

Today, we are going to introduce a title called 12 DIY Projects: How to Reuse the Wine Corks to you. You can find creative as well as pretty wall art with wine corks. Also you can make accessories by the wine corks. There are 12 ideas for you to recreate the wine corks, so we don’t suggest you throw them away but store and reuse them.

Following the DIY Projects, you can make a better room or a better collection. Get inspired.

Cork Planters
Cork Planters via
Cork Craft
Cork Craft via
Wine Cork Dress
Wine Cork Dress via
Cork Wall Art
Cork Wall Art via
Cork Mat
Cork Mat via
Cork Tile Placement
Cork Tile Placement via
Lovely Cork Heart
Lovely Cork Heart via
Cork Key Chain
Cork Key Chain via
Cork Ring
Cork Ring via
Wine Cork Sculpture
Wine Cork Sculpture via
Cork Candles
Cork Candles via
Wine Cork Cheese Spreaders
Wine Cork Cheese Spreaders via
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