12 Great DIY Items for Girls

For all DIY lovers, this post is specially written for you with 12 great DIY items when you feel free and want to make something by yourself at home. These awesome projects will give your old stuff a totally new and trendy look. And you can use all your imagination and craft skills when making them. Take a look at these magic projects with our pictures below!

You’ll find all basic materials at home like old jeans, vans, fabric, heels, sneakers, shirt and jackets. With a few steps and accessories, these old item would become useful again in a different way. Besides, it is not difficult at all to make these transformations. The final product will be very spectacular under your hands. Besides, you can make them as a gift for your friends as they are so unique.

Beaded Necklace
Beaded Necklace via


Braided Pink Belt
Braided Pink Belt via


DIY Chevron Moccasins
DIY Chevron Moccasins via


DIY Friendship Bracelets
DIY Friendship Bracelets via


DIY Fringe Shirt
DIY Fringe Shirt via


Fashion Mode Styling Outfit DIY
Fashion Mode Styling Outfit DIY via


DIY Missoni Sneakers
DIY Missoni Sneakers via


DIY Prada Platforms
DIY Prada Platforms via


DIY Ripped Jeans
DIY Ripped Jeans via


DIY Super Sparkly Vans
DIY Super Sparkly Vans via


DIY Tie Dye Jeans
DIY Tie Dye Jeans via


Flowers Embellished Heels
Flowers Embellished Heels via


Lovely DIY Crop Top
Lovely DIY Crop Top via


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