12 Pretty Wrist Tattoo for the Week

I always think that the wrist is the best place to have a tiny tattoo design. Today I am going to introduce some stylish as well pretty wrist tattoo designs to you again. As a tattoo lover, I don’t think you will miss them. In the post, you can find many a themed tattoo design.

You will find little brids, famous words or pretty animals for the wrist tattoo. For girls, I suggest that you ink animals on the wrist in a cute way. Of course, if the neutral images are created for a wrist tattoo, they can fit both women and men.

This week, you can just stay with us and see how pretty the wrist tattoo designs here. Enjoy and maybe you can choose one of the designs to become your next tattoo.

Tiny Bird Wrist Tattoo
Tiny Bird Wrist Tattoo via
Birds and Flowers Wrist Tattoo
Birds and Flowers Wrist Tattoo via
Quote Wrist Tattoo
Quote Wrist Tattoo via
Pretty Wrist Tattoo
Pretty Wrist Tattoo via
Double Infinity Tattoo
Double Infinity Tattoo via
Infinity Heart Tattoo
Infinity Heart Tattoo via
Music Note Wrist Tattoo
Music Note Wrist Tattoo via
Tiny Music Tattoo
Tiny Music Tattoo via
Ladybug Wrist Tattoo
Ladybug Wrist Tattoo via
Watercolor Wrist Tattoo
Watercolor Wrist Tattoo via
Stamp Tattoo
Stamp Tattoo via
Compass Wrist Tattoo
Compass Wrist Tattoo via
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