12 Ways to Have Natural Looking Eyebrows

If your eyes are the window of your soul, then the eyebrows are the frame for that window. So you can see how important of the eyebrows to our face. They can help to define every feature of our face. Most of us are born with imperfect eyebrows and we need to trim them regularly for a better shape. Today, we’d like to show you 12 ways to draw natural looking eyebrows without any help from a makeup artist!

Under some proper instructions and practice, you can also draw a perfect eyebrow on your own at home with a few simple steps. What you need is just an eyebrow pencil to do that and the most commonly used color is the brown. For those girls who are having light eyebrows, you need to make them darker and create a shape on it to make your eyebrows noticeable. While to those thick-eyebrow girls, you’d better tweeze the excessive hair to preserve the shape.

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