12 Ways to Make Colorful Nails With Scotch Tape

Do you want to have perfect nails to compliment your new suit? For those girls who love beauty, there’re several ways to teach us how do them by ourselves, instead of going to the professionals. It may take you a lot of time, but practice makes perfect. So get down working with our 12 ways to make colorful nails by scotch tape!

Scotch tape can help us to get a fabulous geometric shape for our nail designs. It is an important technique to make the perfect color combination in a fixed shape and to create the contrasting color block effect. You can also make other lovely patterns using the scotch tape like stars, stripes, diamonds and plaid. And all these patterns would look more wonderful with different colors into them.

If you want to try something attractive and impressive, experiment with some contrasting bright colors. You’ll feel surprised with the final effect. But if you want to look lovely, just go for the sugary pastel colors. They will make your nails look really pretty.

Black and Gold Scotch Nail Art
Black and Gold Scotch Nail Art via


Color Block
Color Block via


Color Block
Color Block via


Color Block for Nail Design
Color Block for Nail Design via


Enchanced Scotch Nail Art
Enchanced Scotch Nail Art via


Black Scotch Nail Art
Black Scotch Nail Art via


Green Scotch Nail Art
Green Scotch Nail Art via


Red Scotch Nail Art
Red Scotch Nail Art via


Scotch Nail Art
Scotch Nail Art via


Starred Scotch Nail Art
Starred Scotch Nail Art via


Striped Scotch Nail Art
Striped Scotch Nail Art via


White Scotch Nail Art
White Scotch Nail Art via


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