15 Baby Blue Evening Gowns for All Women

At a warmer evening party, what color is the best choice for women’s gowns? You may have many choices, pastel ones may be the most appropriate for you to get a cool and chic look. Among all the pastel hues, baby blue is the easiest for women to get a standard look without being wrong. Women at any age will look gorgeous with a blue evening dress, for they are feminine and elegant. In this post, we’d like to present 16 breathtaking evening gown for you to choose for your parties on the warmer days. All of them are blue dresses in various styles and lengths, and the pictures will tell you how pretty they are!

You can wear these dresses for a formal event or a prom, as you pair them with different accessories and jewelries. For example, a statement clutch and a pair of nude heels will create an effortlessly graceful lady look. Some bling-bling jewelries will help you to get a flattering prom look! In a word, blue dresses are perfect choices for your events on the warmer nights. Check out the gallery below and find your favorite ones. Enjoy!

15 Baby Blue Evening Gowns for All Women

Blue V- neck Prom Dress
Blue V- neck Prom Dress via


Blue Blush Prom Dress
Blue Blush Prom Dress via


Blue Chiffon Dress
Blue Chiffon Dress via


Blue Prom Dress
Blue Prom Dress via


Water Blue Prom Dress
Water Blue Prom Dress via


Light Blue Bubble Dress
Light Blue Bubble Dress via


Blue Evening Dress
Blue Evening Dress via


Floor-length Blue Dress
Floor-length Blue Dress via


One-shoulder Blue Dress
One-shoulder Blue Dress via


Backless Blue Evening Dress
Backless Blue Evening Dress via


Sky Blue Ball Gown
Sky Blue Ball Gown via


Gorgeous Blue Dress
Gorgeous Blue Dress via


Blue Cocktail Dress
Blue Cocktail Dress via


Baby Blue Bridal Gown
Baby Blue Bridal Gown via


Cute Blue Dress
Cute Blue Dress via


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