15 DIY Tutorials for Making Gift Wrappers

DIY lovers, you are lucky to find out today’s post. Since Christmas is coming, amounts of gift boxes or bags are needed to carry the presents. How to make a gift box or a gift bag easily? The post will show you some useful tutorials. As a DIY lover, you won’t miss everything today.

First of all, you should know how big the presents you will send and buy enough material for the wrappers. Second, design your gift wrappers. The easiest way to make a gift wrapper could be making a bag. You can just finish the bag within minutes. However, if you want a box, you will spend more time on the designs.

Now let’s check the tutorials out and learn how to make a good wrapper to carry the Christmas present.

Easy Bag


Easy Bag via

How to Make a Box


How to Make a Box via

Simple Wrapper


Simple Wrapper via

Santa Suit Gift Wrap


Santa Suit Gift Wrap via

Gift Bags


Gift Bags via

Candy Wrapper


Candy Wrapper via

Paper Box


Paper Box via

Carton Gift Boxes


Carton Gift Boxes via

Cute Boxes


Cute Boxes via

Scrapbook Sheet Gift Bag


Scrapbook Sheet Gift Bag via

Paper Gift Box Owl Tutorial


Paper Gift Box Owl Tutorial via

Envelope Gift Bag


Envelope Gift Bag via

Card Box Tutorial


Card Box Tutorial via



DIY Box via

Pyramid Gift Boxes


Pyramid Gift Boxes via
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