15 Healthy Habits for Every Girl

Were you born between 1980 and 2000? If you say yes, you many be now something from 15 to 35 years old. It’s an important period which witness how an adolescence becomes an adult. It’s not easy for every girl to get through this period of time because she will face more and more pressure or problem. In order to feel happy and easy in this crazy world, you should under control of your life. So you’d better form some good habits to make you successful and gorgeous. Then Prettydesigns today will tell you what habits you should have and how wonderful the life is if you form a good habit.


Begin a Fresh day

Why not take a shower to begin a new, fresh morning? You can take a shower every morning and make have a fresh mind for the work.

Don’t have too much sugar

Every girl should limit the intake of sugar in order to make a healthy body.

Lemon Water

I don’t think I will expain the importance of the lemons for our lives again here. Trust me. You will be satisfied with the results after you drink lemon water daily.

Keep a Cozy Room

Your room is your world. Try to make it cozy, tidy and peaceful. You can have a sound sleep and form a reading habit.

Drink Glasses of Water

You are required to drink at least 8 glasses of water.

Drop your phone when meeting people

It is not meaningful for you to meet others by looking at your phone carefully.

Live a green way

When your destination is not too far, you can choose to walk or cycle.

Enjoy all the food

Try to enjoy all the food the nature gives. Don’t be particular about just some food.

Take drinks in a moderated way

Wear Your Seatbelt all the time

Always remember to tie your seatbelt.
Check Your Bank Account

Check your credit card statements regularly and pay on time.
Don’t have snack when hungry

Again avoid snack!

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