15 Ideas of How to Recreate the Old Jars

Are there any mason jars in your house and you don’t know how to deal with the old ones? Don’t worry. Today’s post is exact for you. It mainly tells you how to recreate the old jars. We don’t suggest that you throw the old bottles away. The old jars can not be just used to store things, but to lighten up your room.

How can a jar lighten up your room? You can put the bulbs, the small lights or candles into the jars. Before you make your jar lights on your own, you can wash the jars first and paint them in a way you like. It’s not hard for you to DIY jar lights. In addition, making a jar light on your own at home can not only save your money, but also create a beautiful home decoration.

Now check the ideas out and have jar lights for your home.

Solar Jar
Solar Jar via
Pretty Jar Light
Pretty Jar Light via
Homemade Jar Lights
Homemade Jar Lights via
Winter Jar Lights
Winter Jar Lights via
Jar Lighting Projects
Jar Lighting Projects via
Outdoor Jar Lights
Outdoor Jar Lights via
DIY Simple Jars
DIY Simple Jars via
Jar Hanging Lights
Jar Hanging Lights via
Lantern Hangers
Lantern Hangers via
Colorful Jars
Colorful Jars via
Mummy Candle Jars
Mummy Candle Jars via
Mason Jar Lights
Mason Jar Lights via
Simple Jar Lights
Simple Jar Lights via
Candle Holders
Candle Holders via
Autumn Jar Lights
Autumn Jar Lights via

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