15 Nail Tutorials to Paint Floral Nails

Floral prints never go out of the style. No matter how season changes, you can wear a floral piece to rock the look. There are ways to have floral patterns for your look. You can also get your nails painted in flowers. Floral nail art is one of the pretty manicures for many occasions. You are still thinking about your new manicure? Here are some nail tutorials for you to get inspired.

Today’s post will show you some easy nail tutorials. In order to make a perfect floral nail art, you can prepare some polishes and tools in advance. Thanks to the genius designers, painting a floral nail design become popular and easy. You can even change different floral nails for every week.

Check out the post first and learn how to paint floral nail arts in a quickly as well as pretty way. Enjoy.

Nude Nails with Flowers


Nude Nails with Flowers via

White Nails with Blue Flowers


White Nails with Blue Flowers via

Deep Blue Nails with Flowers


Deep Blue Nails with Flowers via

Nude and Blue Floral Nails


Nude and Blue Floral Nails via

Cute Floral Nail Art


Cute Floral Nail Art via

Floral Mani


Floral Mani via

Rose Nail Art


Rose Nail Art via

White Nails with Roses


White Nails with Roses via

Vintage Floral Nails


Vintage Floral Nails via

Rose Tutorial for Mani


Rose Tutorial for Mani via

Colorful Rose Nail Art


Colorful Rose Nail Art via

Adorable Floral Nail Art


Adorable Floral Nail Art via

Negative Space Flower Nails


Negative Space Flower Nails via

Black and White Nail Art


Black and White Nail Art via

Daisy Nail Art


Daisy Nail Art via

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