15 Ombre Nail Designs for the Week

Change a new nail art this week! Here are super chic ombre nail designs for you girls to choose. We believe that you won’t miss today’s post because your nails will be amazing if you have one of the nail designs.

In the post, you will find dozens of ombre nail designs. They are painted in different colors and the ombre colors show their glamour prettily. You can choose the nails that are from blue to white or nails that are from dark green to pale green.

Let’s see how the ombre nail designs in no time. Hope you enjoy and have your own ombre nails.

Ombre Pink Nails
Ombre Pink Nails via
Pale Pink Nails
Pale Pink Nails via
Sassy Ombre Nails
Sassy Ombre Nails via
Ombre Purple Nails
Ombre Purple Nails via
Green and White Nails
Green and White Nails via
Black to White Nails
Black to White Nails via
Ombre Blue Nails
Ombre Blue Nails via
Blue to Green Nails
Blue to Green Nails via
Neon Yellow Nails
Neon Yellow Nails via
Purple to Red Nails
Purple to Red Nails via
Purple to Dark Nails
Purple to Dark Nails via
Ombre Nails with Bows
Ombre Nails with Bows via
Blue to White Nails
Blue to White Nails via
Stylish Nails
Stylish Nails via
Chic Nails
Chic Nails via
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