15 Outfit Ideas for Warm Days

Spring is like a child. It is beautiful but naughty. Flowers bloom and leaves come out suddenly. The world becomes more vivid after a cold winter. People start to prepare the spring wardrobe before the warm days. They will take off the thick coats and think of the light clothes for the warm days.

Today’s post is going to show you some ideas to wear staples for spring. What would you like to wear for your spring look? The ideas will tell you how to glam a casual look and an easy look for a warm spring day. Stay with prettydesigns and find something useful to glam a great look for next event.

Check out the ideas and get inspired.

Black and White Outfit

Black and white outfits never go out of style. How to glam a black and white look? Wear a white sweater and a pair of black pants to create a perfect black and white outfit.

Black and White Outfit via

Denim Outfit

Nothing can be easier than wearing a denim outfit. You can pair your outfit with a pair of brown flats and a brown bag.

Denim Outfit via

Brown Outfit

Try to keep a warm tone for your spring outfit.

Brown Outfit via

Cardigan and Jeans

When it is still a little cold outside, you can wear a cardigan and a checked scarf to pair the look.

Cardigan and Jeans via

Colorful Cardigan

Add colors to your spring outfit and glam a vivid look.

Colorful Cardigan via

Green Top and Jeans

When it is getting warmer, this green top is perfect for the spring look. To pair it, you can simply wear a pair of jeans and step on flats.

Green Top and Jeans via

Green Cardigan

The color green is one of the main colors for every spring. Wearing a green cardigan can meet the tone of spring.

Green Cardigan via

Denim Top and White Pants

It is too dull to wear a blue and white outfit? Never! Step on a pair of leopard flats to spice up the whole look.

Denim Top and White Pants via

Denim Top and Pink Pants

Don’t be afraid that your outfit is too pale. You can pair it with something sparkle.

Denim Top and Pink Pants via

Floral Top and Jeans

How can you miss floral pieces for spring outfits? If you want to wear a floral top, you can pair it with a warm tone cardigan and jeans.

Floral Top and Jeans via

Checked Top and Jeans

Checked pieces are still popular for the whole spring.

Checked Top and Jeans via

Grey and White Outfit

Sometimes, the grey and white outfit can be more perfect than the black and white one.

Grey and White Outfit via

Teal Top, Blue Jeans and Brown Shoes

A brown bag and a pair of brown shoes can be versatile to pair many outfits.

Teal Top, Blue Jeans and Brown Shoes via

Vest, Checked top, Jeans and Boots

Never feel cold in your spring outfit because of a warm vest.

Vest, Checked top, Jeans and Boots via

Red Sweater and Jeans

Sweaters are good for the spring days. You can just wear a pair of tight jeans and knee high boots to pair the look.

Red Sweater and Jeans via

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