15 Pointy Nail Designs for You to Rock the Holidays

Hello, girls! What do you want to paint for your holiday manicure? If you have no idea, why not try out a pointy nail art. In the post, you will find 15 latest pointy nail designs to rock your holidays.

These 15 latest pointy nail designs are easy as well as pretty. They fit many occasions and outfits. They embrace various manicure elements in order to bring different vibe to different looks. Though the pointy nails need fade nails, they look more feminine and prettier when they are finished.

Have no hesitation to check the designs out and choose one of the designs as your holiday manicure. Enjoy!

Nail Art
Nail Art via
Cute Nails
Cute Nails via
Chevron Nails
Chevron Nails via
Black Nails
Black Nails via
Pink Nails with Animal Print
Pink Nails with Animal Print via
Sweet Nails
Sweet Nails via
White Nails with Glitter
White Nails with Glitter via
Pink Nails with Glitter
Pink Nails with Glitter via
Stylish Nails
Stylish Nails via
Nude Nails
Nude Nails via
Pink Nails
Pink Nails via
Leopard Nails
Leopard Nails via
Striped Nails
Striped Nails via
Orange Nails
Orange Nails via
Star Nails
Star Nails via

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