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20 Amazing Brunette & Brown Hairstyle Ideas 2024

It’s the most common color of all, it’s also considered by many to be the sexiest. We’re talking, of course, about brown hair. Brunette locks have been around since time began and there’s absolutely no chance of them ever going out of style. If you’ve ever envied the looks of style icons such as Kate Moss, Beyoncé or Angelina Jolie, then it’s likely you’ve longed for glossy brown hair yourself.

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As it has been such a popular shade for so many years, it’s hardly surprising that brown hair can sometimes be at risk of looking dull and, yes, this can be the case if you don’t choose the right look for you. However, we think it’s time that the reputation of brown hair got a complete overhaul.

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After all, how could the color of chocolate, chestnuts and even coca cola ever be boring? Whether you’re considering changing your style and going brown, or you’re already a brunette and would just like to freshen up your look this summer, you’re sure to get inspired by our favorite brown hairstyles.

Red and Brown Hair

The red and brown shades in this hairstyle create an almost autumnal effect. Ask you stylist to cut long, choppy layers throughout the length and there’ll be no need to straighten or curl your hair, it will fall perfectly into place.

Bright Red Hair

Glossy Ombre – Brown Hairstyles for Long Hair

It’s no secret that dark hair almost always looks healthy and full of life. This super dark brown base color is no exception and the shimmering brown ombre in those long mermaid waves makes the hair look even better.

Sleek Hair

Blonde Ombre

Brown hair comes in a wide variety of shades and sometimes it doesn’t even have to take centre stage to look great. The light brown base in this long wavy style really makes the bright blonde balayage pop. And you can find more balayage hair color ideas here.

Blonde and Brown Hair

Cinnamon Curls

Cinnamon is the perfect blend between spicy and sweet, and the exact same can be said for this sultry shade. The dark chocolate undertone in the ends of the hair adds depth and makes those swirling cinnamon curls stand out even more.

Chestnut Brown Waves

Rich Ombre

Long brown locks with just a few subtle waves can flatter every girl regardless of skin tone or face shape. This ombre style makes the most of both light and dark brown, and allows both tones to work their magic in different ways.

Ash Brown Hair

Mahogany Curls

Many different shades of reddish mahogany brown add a whole new level of thickness to hair that might not have been there before. This color works extremely well with tight curls and would particularly suit girls with fair to ivory skin.

Chestnut Brown Curls

Vintage Waves – Medium Brown Hairstyles

Ever dreamed of wearing your hair like the pin up girls and screen sirens of years gone by? These classic curls will give you that retro style you’ve been dreaming of. The rich chocolate brown color works perfectly with this look.

Brown Curly Bob

Fiery Red Bob

Shades of brown don’t come much warmer than this gorgeous auburn. Cut your locks into a chic bob like this one to really make a stylish statement.

Golden Brown Bob

Graduated Bob – Brown Hairstyles for Short Hair

Just when you thought that the trendiest haircut of all – the dramatically angled bob – couldn’t get any cooler, this look comes along and changes everything. Delectable shades of caramel and honey bronde brighten up this graduated cut complete with a stacked back and face-framing waves.

Brown Stacked Bob

Sultry Red

Afro-haired girls turn heads wherever they go when they rock their natural curls. If you’re lucky enough to boast big, voluptuous locks like these then add to the drama by dying them a tantalizing shade of deep reddish brown.

Creative Geometry Hair

Dramatic Bob – Light Brown Hairstyles

This is one hairstyle which is guaranteed to make you stand out from any crowd. The stacked cut has an extreme angle in the back and we simply can’t stop staring at that beautiful ginger color. Be warned, however, that this model has very thick, curly tresses and girls with fine hair might not be able to pull this one off.

Bright Curly Hair

Sleek Pixie – Short Dark Brown Haircut

Perfectly polished pixie cuts will never go out of style. There is not one hair out of place in this shiny brown crop. Recreate this look by opting for a rich shade, smoothed down layers and a shaved side.

Brown Short Hair

Copper Highlights – Brown Hairstyles with Highlights

Copper and golden highlights brighten up these dark spiraling curls perfectly.

Voluminous Curls

Ash Brown Princess Curls

It’s difficult to say what we love most about this hairstyle – those perfect princess curls which look as though they belong in an animated Disney movie or the fashionable ash brown ombre.

Brown Highlighted Hair

Chestnut Brown

Embrace your inner woodland goddess by opting for a warm chestnut brown shade. The hair has been styled into a big, bouncy mass of waves which works perfectly with the color.

Pretty Waves

Black and Gold – Ombre Brown Hairstyles

Streaks of golden ombre painted through black or dark brown hair look absolutely stunning. Together with voluminous waves this ombre looks red carpet ready.

Two-tone Waves

Super Subtle – Brown Hairstyles for shoulder length hair

Everything about this hairstyle looks completely natural. If you favor low-key style over bold, eye-catching looks then this is perfectly suited to you. Warm tones of brown will suit the summer sunshine and the relaxed, wavy style is completely carefree.

Sun-kissed Hair

Flicked Out Layers

Let out your inner Charlie’s Angel with this retro seventies style. The choppy layers have been flicked out with curling irons to create a feathered effect. This is accentuated by the multi-tonal streaks of light and dark brown.

Brown Highlights

Sleek Brown Lob –  Medium Brown Hairstyles for Straight Hair

The long bob, also known as the Lob, is one of the biggest looks around right now. We just can’t get enough of how perfectly this blunt, long bob has been cut. The color is a pretty woody brown and brings out the best of the chop.

Red and Brown Straight Hair

Sun Kissed Waves

Whether you’re heading off to a tropical beach break this summer or you just wish that you were, you need this hairstyle. The bohemian beach waves look truly stunning and the tints of golden balayage will leave your hair looking as though it has been kissed by bright sunshine.

Mid-length Waves

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