20 Projects to Spend a DIY weekend

Weekend again! What will you do for your weekend? Someone may love stay at home or at a place for Saturday and Sunday. There are pretty good activities for you to have even at home. Yes. DIY projects can not only inspire your imagination, but also kill your time.

In order to spend a DIY weekend, as a DIY lover, you will love today’s projects introduced in the below post. They can decorate your home as well as save your money. There are links to gain the DIY tutorials also.

Always stay with prettydesigns and you will find something useful and beautiful. Just enjoy!

Emoji Clutches
Emoji Clutches via
DIY Confetti Bowl
DIY Confetti Bowl via
Fruit Baby Mobile
Fruit Baby Mobile via
Hand Stamped Citrus Wall DIY
Hand Stamped Citrus Wall DIY via
DIY Neon Triangle Photo Frames
DIY Neon Triangle Photo Frames via
DIY Leaf Art
DIY Leaf Art via
DIY Octopus Lantern Decoration
DIY Octopus Lantern Decoration via
An Alphabet Pom-pom
An Alphabet Pom-pom via
DIY Pizza Pennants
DIY Pizza Pennants via
Pet Face Clock
Pet Face Clock via
DIY Polka Dot Door
DIY Polka Dot Door via
Stone Soaps
Stone Soaps via
DIY Glitter Shoes
DIY Glitter Shoes via
DIY Marquee Sign
DIY Marquee Sign via
DIY Pretzel Pillow
DIY Pretzel Pillow via
A Gemstone Garland
A Gemstone Garland via
DIY Painted Luggage
DIY Painted Luggage via
DIY Pipe Lcosahedron Light
DIY Pipe Lcosahedron Light via
DIY Crochet Apple
DIY Crochet Apple via
DIY Macaron Charms
DIY Macaron Charms via

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