20 Super Easy DIY Projects for Your Home

Last weekend, I cleaned up my house and found some old mason jars as well as other used stuff. An idea occurs to my head. Why not turn all these old mason jars into DIY vase or something useful? Then I searched for the significant projects to finish my DIY crafts.

By the way, I will show you other easy DIY projects to make an occupied weekend as well. I choose two tutorials to make a mason vase and a soap dispenser. Both two ideas don’t cost lots of time.

If you are a DIY project lover, you will not miss today’s DIY post! More information can be found in the links. Trust me! Prettydesigns will not fail you finally.

A Burlap Artwork
A Burlap Artwork via
Metallic Duck Tape Candles
Metallic Duck Tape Candles via
Homemade Projector
Homemade Projector via
Good Stamp
Good Stamp via
A Pretty Board
A Pretty Board via
DIY Reed Diffuser
DIY Reed Diffuser via
Coasters via
Metellic Geometric Planters
Metellic Geometric Planters via
Soap Dispenser
Soap Dispenser via
DIY Napkins
DIY Napkins via
DIY Tees with Pockets
DIY Tees with Pockets via
DIY Hair Clips
DIY Hair Clips via
Hot Pack Tutorial
Hot Pack Tutorial via
Sew Leather Key Chain
Sew Leather Key Chain via
Color Code Your Keys
Color Code Your Keys via
Headbands via
Jewelry Organizer
Jewelry Organizer via
Black Wreath
Black Wreath via
Useful Bookmarks
Useful Bookmarks via
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