22 Unexpected Nail Art Designs With Tutorials for 2024

If you want to make your nail design looks special enough in the crowd, you need to pay out your creativity on your nails. It may not too expensive but need your time and patience. You can follow our useful tutorials to get a perfect nail look. Today, we’ve rounded up 22 unexpected nail art designs along with their step-by-step tutorials to give you an inspiration this season!

For the starters, you’d better to choose some simple designs once you’ve made up your mind to make it by yourself. There’re many patterns for your choice from stripes, dots, hearts, animal prints to music notes. You can even try out the magic ombre technique. To make the final effect better, we always need to add a layer of sheer and glitter. Besides, some studs, gem stones and lovely decorative accessories could also add another shot of sparkle for our final style.

Band Aid Your Nails
Band Aid Your Nails via


Black Is Beautiful
Black Is Beautiful via


Blue N White - Pacific Nails
Blue N White – Pacific Nails via


Butterfly Ready To Take Wing
Butterfly Ready To Take Wing via


Colorful Clouds
Colorful Clouds via


Complex Creation
Complex Creation via


Cute Argyle Nail Art
Cute Argyle Nail Art via


Different Strokes For Different Nails
Different Strokes For Different Nails via


Feather Nail Art
Feather Nail Art via


French Stones On Nails
French Stones On Nails via


Glitterati On Nails
Glitterati On Nails via


Modern Nail Art
Modern Nail Art via


Music Notes Nail Art
Music Notes Nail Art via


Mustachioed Nails
Mustachioed Nails via


Nail Divided!
Nail Divided! via


Nails On Fire!
Nails On Fire! via


Pastel Combination
Pastel Combination via


Peacock On Nails
Peacock On Nails via


Penguin Peeking Out From Nail
Penguin Peeking Out From Nail via


Quaint Designer Nails
Quaint Designer Nails via


Red Peacock Feather
Red Peacock Feather via


Shiny Party Nails
Shiny Party Nails via


Zig Zag In Red N White
Zig Zag In Red N White via


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