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8 Pretty Hairstyles for School Girls 2024

If you want to make a difference with your dull school look this season, we’d like to provide you several hairstyles to have you get stared with your head. Even for a simple ponytail, you can create a totally different look with your creativity. Besides, textures and layers will make your hairstyles look more vibrant and interesting. Today, let’s take a look at these simple yet chic hairstyles below for school girls!

Beachy Texture
Beachy Texture/Getty Images

It’s quite easy to create Kristen Bell’s pretty beach wave for young teenage girls. You just need to make your hair into small braids before you go to bed at night. And you’ll get that playful look in the morning.

Side Chignon
Side Chignon/Getty Images

A loose low bun is always being an ideal option for young ladies to attend a formal occasion or a party. Besides, you can also leave your front pieces falling down to frame the both sides of your face.

3-Step Pony
3-Step Pony/Getty Images
3-Step Pony
3-Step Pony/Getty Images

Ponytails can be also interesting and fun with a voluminous shape at the crown when you tease your tresses loose. It will be able to elongate you face shape for a better looking.

Half-Up Hairstyles
Half-Up Hairstyles/Getty Images

Half-up hairstyles can always have their place among school girls for their fresh look. They will work best for the romantic beach waves with long side swept bangs.

Small Braid
Small Braid/Getty Images

There’s no doubt that braided bangs can give a sweet look for the wearers. It can also help to create a stylish deep side parting for your hairstyle with beautiful textures along your hairline.

Side Braid
Side Braid/Getty Images

It will be quite cute for a school girl to have a side braid over her one shoulder. To create a different look, you can make a loose fishtail instead of the traditional British braid.

Center-Part Ponytail
Center-Part Ponytail/Getty Images

I bet there’ll be no other hairstyles can look more polished than a center part ponytail. And you’d better apply some shine pomade through your hair with your fingers to keep those wispy hairs in place.
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