9 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Photoshoot

When preparing for a photoshoot, there are many things that you should take into consideration that can have a huge impact on the end result. Neglecting them would lead to distracting elements that can take the focus away from where it should be. Even though most problems can be corrected during post-production but it can be very taxing as it required a lot of retouching. Your preparation for your shoot should begin much sooner than the actual day of the shoot.

Make a schedule for the week like your appointments, beautification steps, and even your dresses or outfits. If this is your first time, here are some great tips for getting pictures clicked with some effortless poses.

9 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Photoshoot
(9 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Photoshoot. Credit: Unsplash)

The five areas that you should focus on are:

  • Face
  • Hair
  • Skins
  • Hands

At least 50% of the result of the photo session depends on the preparations that you do. So make sure that you are ready, you can use these tips that can help you prepare for your shoot. 

Get a Facial

9 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Photoshoot-2
9 Ways to Prepare Yourself for a Photoshoot

The best way to prepare your skin is to seek help from a professional. Since some facials tend to cause some redness it is important that you give your skin enough time to heal. The week before your shoot you want to be focusing on hydrating your skin. Opt for highly moisturizing and hydrating facials during this time. Skin can take a while to clean in post-production. Clean, even and healthy skin can really make a difference in the time spent in Photoshop.

Exfoliate your Skin

Exfoliating your skin before your photoshoot is important as it makes your skin fresh, removes dead skin cells on the top layer of your skin. Exfoliating your skin 2-3 times a week prior will prepare your skin for the photoshoot. It is a great way to spend your evenings with a nice, soothing, grainy scrub session for your skin. Remember to plan ahead the days before the shoot so that your skin has enough to settle.


The week leading up to your shoot, make sure that you moisturize your skin daily. A moisturizer will ensure that your skin glows on camera and it will also boost hydration. Make sure you are not allergic or any fragrant moisturizers so that your skin will not react and become inflamed. You can also opt for a non-fragrant moisturizer just to be on the safer side.


Smooth Lips

Being one of the most difficult problems to fix post-production, you must make sure that you don’t have chapped lips. Simple ways to avoid chapped and dry lips is by applying balm or lip gloss on a regular basis to keep them smoother.

Get a haircut or a trim

Getting a haircut or trim is a great way to have neat and healthy hair. If it has been a while since your last haircut, a bit of trimming can make a huge difference. You can also opt for hair colouring to make your hair youthful and vibrant. If you have already dyed your hair, make sure you touch up your regrowth before your photoshoot. The best thing to do is consult with your hairdresser about your hairstyle that best suits your face and the theme–if any– for the shoot.

Deep Hair Conditioning 

Deep Hair Conditioning
Deep Hair Conditioning

Since you have already been moisturizing your skin, you need to focus on your hair too. A deep conditioning treatment on your hair. This will ensure that your hair is healthy, strong, and fabulous for your shoot.


One of the elements that would stand out in your photo, is your nails. Ensuring your nails are clean or you have applied some nail polish is great to match your outfits. Likewise, choose a colour that will compliment your outfit for the shoot. Getting a manicure a few days before or even on the day of the shoot is great. Even though your toes can get away with any colour, you can choose soft, neutral colours for your toes and your fingertips.

Wave or shave

Remember, waxing leaves a bit of redness on your skin so make sure that you give yourself a few days before the shoot. Shaving can be done the night before. Be sure that your legs and underarms are done as well, and if you’ll be wearing a swimsuit or lingerie, go for the bikini area as well. Your eyebrows can be shaped one or two prior to the shoot as well. It may become troublesome for photographers to remove the body hair in photoshop.

Get a spray tan if you want to

Get a spray tan if you want to
Get a spray tan if you want to

A spray tan is not a necessity, rocking the skin you are in is great! If you want to get a spray tan, it is important that you get it done a few days beforehand so that the tan settles and looks natural on camera. Be careful while using it as it can be distracting and overwhelm your photos.

The day of the shoot

Finally, the day of your shoot arrives, and after a week’s preparations with the aforementioned tips, you are now ready for your photoshoot. But there are a few things that you should do on the day of your shoot. When you arrive at the shoot, make sure your skin is dry and clean. You don’t need to arrive with style hair, all you need to do is ensure that your hair is dry and clean so the stylist can work quickly and easily. A light moisturizer is exactly what you need when you arrive at the studio. It will help in keeping your skin soft and hydrated. It will also help the make-up artist while they prepare you for your shoot.

And the most important of all, have a good night’s sleep. Well rested and healthy-looking eyes are crucial. Especially if you are going to do closeup shots in your photoshoot. You wouldn’t want under-eye bags which would ruin your photos no matter how much time you have taken to prepare everything else.

image Credit: Unsplash

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