How to Apply False Eyelashes for Beginners Easily



False eyelashes can transform your natural lashes from blah to beautiful. They can thicken and lengthen even the shortest and thinnest eyelashes to runway model and magazine advertisement status. False eyelashes can be a stunning focal point for your makeup that draws attention and definition to your eyes. Plus, dramatic eye makeup looks appear more natural when set against long, thick false eyelashes. Unfortunately, false eyelashes can be incredibly difficult to apply and are easy to mess up. Keep reading to learn how to nix the frustration and apply false eyelashes flawlessly every time.

1. Curl Your Eyelashes First



It might seem like a waste to spend time curling your natural eyelashes before you cover them up with false eyelashes. However, curling your eyelashes before you apply your false eyelashes creates a natural curve and lift for the fake lashes to attach to easily and prevents the lashes from slipping out of place on your lash line throughout the day.

To curl your eyelashes like a pro for a long-lasting finish, curl them in stages. Start at the base of your lashes and keep curling, holding the curler clamped for ten seconds each time, until you work your way up to the tips of your lashes.

2. Trim Your Falsies



The worst tell-tale sign of an inexperienced false eyelash user is a few millimeters of fake lashes hanging off the outer edges of your eyes. False eyelashes are not one size fits all products, and there’s no guarantee that the lashes you buy will fit your natural eye shape perfectly. In fact, more often than not, they won’t.

Before you apply glue to your fake lashes, hold them up to your eye as close to your lash line as possible. If any of the lashes hang off the outer edges of your eyes, use standard scissors to trim them carefully until they fit the natural length of your lash line. Work slowly and only cut off a minuscule amount of the lashes at a time, refitting them each time you cut to prevent ending up with lashes that are too short.

3. Let the Glue Set



If you try to apply your false eyelashes immediately after you dot the glue onto them, the glue can drip off and get in your eyes and on your eyelids or fall off your false lashes entirely, rendering them useless until you reapply more glue.

To prevent this glue catastrophe, let the glue set on your false eyelashes for ten to fifteen seconds before you lift the lashes to your eyes. This short amount of time will be enough to let the glue become tacky and easier to attach without letting it dry completely.

4. Use a Brush



Applying an excess amount of adhesive glue to your false eyelashes is another big challenge when it comes to fake lash application. If you try to apply the adhesive straight from the tube onto the lashes, you will likely end up wasting adhesive and smearing it all over your fake lashes.

Instead, use a small angled brush to smooth a thin layer of adhesive onto the fake lash strip to maintain more control over the amount of adhesive you apply and prevent wasting product.

5. Use Separated Lashes



False eyelashes are not only sold in full strips that you can apply directly to your lash line in one fell swoop. They are also available in smaller, cut-up sections that you can apply one at a time.

These separated eyelashes are easier to apply and fit than false eyelashes that come in one big strip. Plus, they generally look more natural and are less likely to detach from your lash line throughout the day.

If you can’t find separated eyelashes you like, you can cut up a pair of full strip eyelashes into two or three pieces yourself to achieve the same effect.

6. Add Mascara



Even if the false eyelashes you apply are already dark and dramatic all on their own, you should still apply mascara to the lashes after you apply them.

Swiping one or two coats of mascara onto your false eyelashes after you apply them can help them adhere to your natural lashes underneath. This prevents the unsightly look of double pairs of eyelashes that make your false lashes unattractively obvious.

7. Apply Glue to Your Eyelids



Different tricks work for different people; the same tips don’t work for everyone. You don’t necessarily have to apply adhesive glue directly to your false eyelash strip. You can apply it directly to your eyelid instead.

For some people, applying glue to your false eyelashes can get messy and frustrating. If you have trouble applying the right amount of product to your false eyelashes, it might be easier for you to distribute the product in thin and even layers directly to the skin of your eyelid instead.

Applying false eyelashes can be discouraging and frustrating for beauty beginners and seasoned professionals alike. However, by using the tips in this post, you can confidently take on the challenge of fake lashes and apply false eyelashes for a gorgeous, seamless finish in one try.

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