Ariana Grande Tattoos & Meanings – Super-romantic Tattoo Ideas!

Ariana Grande’s tattoos are three of the most romantic tattoos you’ll ever see! Discover the meaning of Ariana’s romantic Italian and French tattoos – celebrating love and tenderness – now! And see the fabulous L.A. tattoo artist called Romeo – who did them!

Ariana Grande Tattoos – heart tattoo on toe

Ariana Grande tattoos began at a time of great joy in her life and what better way to always remember that first flush of success! The little heart outline on the second toe of Ariana’s right foot looks soooo cute along with the baby-pink nail polish and a sticking plaster!

Ariana Grande Tattoos - Cute Small Heart Tattoo on Toe
Ariana Grande Tattoos – Cute Small Heart Tattoo on Toe

She got this first tattoo in April 2012, when recording her very first album, to remind her of an incredibly exciting time. In addition, one of Ariana’s favourite personally-written songs just happens to be called, Tattooed Heart, too!

Here’s what she tweeted at the time:

‘This year has been 1 of the happiest . . . for me and . . . I wanted to do something special to remind me of . . . being young, having fun and being surrounded by love . . . to always be grateful . . . so . . . I got a little tattoo. :)’

Ariana Grande Tattoos – What does it say on her neck?

Fast-forward to March 2014, for a flash of Ariana Grande tattoos No. 2, also a small and tasteful piece of ink-art.

This phrase was tattooed just above the nape of the neck in ‘handwritten script’ style, by talented L.A. tat artist Romeo Lacoste, well-known for his appearances in season three of Best Ink TV show.

Ariana Grande tattoos – Romeo writes words of love on Ariana’s neck
Ariana Grande tattoos – Romeo writes words of love on Ariana’s neck

Always a polite young lady, Ariana tweeted a message of thanks to Ro, along with an Instagram photo of her newly-inked neck – that didn’t show what she had just had tattooed on there!   Grrrrrrr!

Ariana Grande tattoos – nape of neck script tattoo
Ariana Grande tattoos – nape of neck script tattoo

After some determined investigation – we discovered the phrase is this: Mille tendresse

Still no wiser? Well, it’s a French term of endearment which means, ‘a thousand tender caresses’. Every time her lover plants a little kiss on the tattooed words on the nape of her neck it symbolises his desire to continue with a thousand more tender caresses!

Which is one of the most romantic phrases in any language!

Ariana Grande tattoos – ‘Bellissima’

Ariana Grande tattoos – No. 3 ‘Bellissima’
Ariana Grande tattoos – No. 3 ‘Bellissima’


And at about the same time in spring 2014, Ariana added another word to the Ariana Grande tattoos gallery. This is another script tattoo, shown on the left side of her ribcage. And this latest of Ariana Grande tattoos is the Italian word for, ‘extremely beautiful’ girl or woman, ‘Bellissima’!

She got this tattoo as a permanent reminder of her Italian grandfather, whom, like many other grandfathers I’m sure, often used this compliment to describe a beloved grand-daughter!

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