The Benefits of Short Hair

When it comes to hair, it’s all about keeping it healthy and silky to maintain an ideal appearance. Damaged hair often looks dry, weighed down, and unflattering. With short hair, there is minimal maintenance, but lots of versatility. As you read this article, you’ll learn more about the benefits of short hair and why it’s desirable.

2014 short haircuts for women
short haircuts for women

The Benefits of Choosing Short Hairstyles

  • Short hair is more manageable than long hair and requires very little time for washing, drying, and styling
  • Short air usually looks more voluminous and thicker than long hair because of it’s length and blunt, non-dead ends
  • Short hair air dries quicker and is more likely to have natural waves without product than longer hair
  • Short hair requires less time and effort for knots and tangles
  • It’s easy to maintain the health of short hair
  • Short hair can be styled in a plethora of diverse, sassy styles, like: waved with gel or cream, crimped, flat ironed, curled with a curling iron, curled with hot curlers, teased, braided, and more
  • Short hair is easier to pin back for formal occasions, as it’s often less stubborn than long hair
  • Short hair can frame your face better with more intense layering, providing more emphasis on your bone structure
  • Short hair requires less product usage, making this hairstyle less expensive
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