A Gemini Tattoo To Celebrate Individualism

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Tattoos have always been used to exhibit a person’s sense of individualism. The artwork or graphic text that a person chooses to have tattooed on their body is a display of their own unique sense of style, humor, or outlook on life. This can be in the form of a loved one’s name, a specific icon that is meaningful, or a slogan that has significance.

Gemini Tattoo Design

Gemini Tattoo Design /flickr

Many people nowadays choose to have their astrological sign as part of the artwork they have tattooed on their body. This is another way to express their individuality, and the possibility of using very creative artwork to illustrate an astrological sign adds to its popularity.

A Gemini tattoo is one example of this choice in tattoo art. The symbolism of Gemini in the zodiac is of the “twin”, representing the duality of the Gemini nature. Many people who opt for a Gemini tattoo prefer one of the ancient Greek or Roman symbols for the sign, based on the mythology of their particular beliefs. The Roman numeral “II” or the Greek symbol for Gemini – often mistaken for the symbol for “pi”, the mathematical symbol – are the most commonly-used representations in a Gemini tattoo, but there are many other ways to express this symbol.

In fact, any pairing of symbols can be used as a display of duality in a Gemini tattoo. Two faces mirroring each other is a common theme in a Gemini tattoo. A butterfly is sometimes used, with the two sides of its body and wings rendered to mirror each other. Thematic depictions, such as the “good and evil” sides of the Gemini nature, are often used.

Lovely Gemini Tattoo for Girls

Lovely Gemini Tattoo for Girls /tumblr

Girls Gemini Tattoo

Girls Gemini Tattoo /tumblr

Gemini Tattoos on Foot

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Gemini Tattoos for Girls

Gemini Tattoos for Girls /tumblr

Cute Small Gemini Tattoo

Cute Small Gemini Tattoo /tumblr

Cute Gemini Tattoo on The Neck

Cute Gemini Tattoo on The Neck /tumblr

Cute Gemini Tattoo Design

Cute Gemini Tattoo Design /tumblr