10 Easy Step by Step Nail Art Tutorials

We always need some fresh ideas to make our life more interesting and colorful as well as for our nails. To get a perfect nail look, you needn’t spend a fortune to go to the professionals. It will take your time and patience following some useful tutorials. You can choose a simple one as the starter. Check out 10 lovely nail art tutorials with our pictures below!

You may have never imagined that your nails can have a fishtail braid too. Actually, it is a quite easy tutorial with 3 colors to work with. Choose one color as the base and then draw strokes diagonally across. Keep one stroke left, the next one right. You’ll get a wonderful nail look after a few steps. If you want something cool, try our simple triangles design. Its dark blue base will be able to add a modern-chic sense to your final style.

Fishtail Braid Mani
Fishtail Braid Mani via


Simple Triangles
Simple Triangles via


Poka-dot Mani
Poka-dot Mani via


Fun With French
Fun With French via


DIY Owl Nail Art
DIY Owl Nail Art via


4th of July Nails
4th of July Nails via


Turquoise Nail Tutorial
Turquoise Nail Tutorial via


Splatter Paint Nails
Splatter Paint Nails via


Lace Manicure
Lace Manicure via


Glittering Black and Green Nails
Glittering Black and Green Nails via


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