Color Melting: A Chic New Way to Color Hair

As we usher in the autumn season and start preparing for chillier days ahead, the color melting hair trend is catching fire. This method of hair coloring offers a naturally blended progression of hues that adds a warm glow to your complexion, providing a much-needed radiance during the frosty weather. Far from the striking contrast of ombre, color melting provides a soft, smooth transition from one color to the next – it’s essentially the ‘subtle ombre’ we all need.

Our beloved style icon, Sarah Jessica Parker, has been effortlessly flaunting this trend. Sarah’s color melt effect is genuinely captivating. The transformation isn’t abrupt, instead, the colors seem to fluidly ‘melt’ down the length of her hair. Additionally, strategically placed highlights throughout her style, notably framing her face, add extra depth and dimension to her overall look.

Jessica Biel is another celebrity who has mastered this art. Her flawlessly blended color melt is absolutely breathtaking. It’s done so seamlessly that it’s challenging to identify where her color shift initiates – the hues gradually lighten along her tresses. This understated shift not only brightens her face but also bestows a natural sun-kissed glow that is enviable.

One of the standout perks of color melting is its low maintenance! No more fretting over regular root touch-ups, and even when touch-ups are needed, they are relatively hassle-free! However, to maintain the vibrant hues, using a color-safe shampoo and conditioner, like the AG Hair Color Savour, is crucial. Even though the color change is subtle, no one wants it to lose its luster!

Encouraged by splendid examples like Sarah and Jessica, and the bonus of low maintenance, I embarked on my own color melting journey, opting for a delectable ‘chocolate melt.’ Despite not having colored my hair since a highlighting adventure in sixth grade, I found color melting to be an ideal starting point because 1) it’s a low-risk gateway into the world of hair coloring, 2) I can easily grow it out and cut it off if I crave my natural color again, and 3) it’s incredibly trendy at the moment! Here’s a glimpse of my transformation!

I couldn’t be more thrilled with the outcome! A hearty thank you to the fabulous stylist, Michelle, who did an exceptional job and made my first hair coloring experience a memorable one!

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