15 Cute Phone Cases For Any Occasion

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Phone cases are arguably as important as your phone because it gives your phone some pizzazz. Getting a new case for your phone or even getting a new phone opens the door to a million possibilities. Maybe you want something to represent your favorite color or your favorite design…no matter what, there are a ton of cute phone cases in the world and tons of choices. Pretty Designs is here to help narrow down some of those choices and make your life a little bit easier when it comes to your accessories for your phone. Check out these different phone cases to make your phone stand out in the crowd!

1. iPhone 6/6s 4.7 Inch Rabbit Fur Hair Case-Aurora® Pink iPhone 6 Handmade Soft Warm Rabbit Hair Case with Butterfly Crystal Rhinestone for iPhone 6s

If you love the show Scream Queens, then this phone case might be just for you. This phone case looks exactly like something the Chanels would wear and is even a slight throwback to 90’s fashion.

2. Chill Pills iPhone 6 Case iPhone 6s Covers 4.7″ Regular Soft Silicone Material Brand New Gift for Girls Women (For iPhone 6 & 6s)

This phone case will definitely make you stand out. You always know someone who has to take a chill pill and showing them this will generate some fun conversation and laughs.

3. Cute Soft 3d Phone Cases Funny M French Fries Chips Silicone Case for Iphone 6 / 6s 4.7 ” Inch

If your motto is fries before guys, then this phone case is right for you. This phone case could also confuse some people which could end up being pretty funny.

4. iPhone 6/6s Case, Maxdara iPhone 6/6s Hard Case Flowing Liquid Floating Luxury Bling Glitter Sparkle Case Cover Fashion Creative Design for Grils Children fits for iPhone 6/6s 4.7 inch (Blue)

Glitter is so much fun and makes anything you have sparkle. This phone case is no different and the little bit of water in it lets you have glitter all over phone case!

5. Thunderous Pink Starbucks Coffee Ice Cream Silicone Back Cover Case for Apple iPhone 6 Plus 5.5″

If you love Starbucks, you’ll love this phone case. It resembles a Starbucks cup exactly except for all the bright colors and the little straw detail is so cute!

6. HTC Desire 626 / 626s Case -MOLLYCOOCLE®[Color Flower]Stand Wallet Purse Credit Card ID Holders TPU Soft Bumper PU Leather Ultra Slim Fit Cover for HTC Desire 626 / 626s

If you’re looking for more than just a phone case, this one has everything you could need. It has a compartment to carry your credit cards and ID along with a stylus. The one really cool feature is that you can actually sit your phone up if you want to watch videos or something on it.

7. iPhone 6S Case, OBLIQ [Slim Meta II][Champagne Gold/White] Premium Slim Fit Thin Armor All-Around Shock Resistant Polycarbonate Metallic Case for Apple iPhone 6S (2015) & iPhone 6 (2014)

If you want a practical phone case, then this one could be for you. Besides being a gorgeous champagne color, this case is designed specifically to protect your phone and designed to not take up as much space as a normal case would.

8. Tie Dye Rainbow Trippy Swirl Colorful Pale Rad Indie Boho Hard Plastic iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 6S Plus Phone Case Cover

If you like having good vibes, then you’ll like this phone case. The tie-dye design is classic and colorful. Even if you’re not a fan of tie-dye shirts, this is a great substitute.

9. Crybaby Emoji Hard Plastic iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 6S Plus Phone Case Cover

You’ll recognize this design if you’re a Melaine Martinez fan. The ombre look is a nice touch too.

10. Hello Kitty 3D Silicone Case Cover for New Iphone 5 Xmas gift, Rose Red

As a Hello Kitty lover, I think this phone case is so adorable! This would be a good case if you don’t want a case made out of harder material and you’re looking for something to give your phone a cute touch.

11. Princess Eating/ Holding Apple logo Snow White Frozen Elsa Little Mermaid Ariel Holding Logo Semi Clear Transparent Case For Apple iPhone 5 5S (Ariel)

If you’re a Disney lover, this is a simple case but such a cute idea. Since Ariel is a popular princess, someone is bound to love this case.

12. Pug Pattern Hard Plastic iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S Phone Case Cover

Pugs are so cute so why not have them on your phone case? Even if you don’t have a pug, this case is still so cute and showcase your love for pugs.

13. Soap Film Tie Dye Colorful Pale Rad Indie Boho Tumblr Hard Plastic iPhone 6 / iPhone 6S Phone Case Cover

If you loved Lisa Frank when you were younger, this phone could be your updated version. With all the cool and psychedelic designs, this phone case will make you feel happy.

14. Cute Pastel Holographic Trippy Unicorn Emoji Pattern Hard Plastic Samsung Galaxy Note 4 Phone Case Cover

Talk about a hipster’s dream! This phone case features a psychedelic pattern in the back and unicorns over top which who doesn’t love unicorns? This case is for any hipster or unicorn lover.

15. Silver Glitter Sparkle Chevron Pattern Print Hard Plastic iPhone 6 Plus / iPhone 6S Plus Phone Case Cover

If you like chevron but want a little something more, then this case is a perfect match. It has the classic chevron pattern but the glitter makes it a lot more fun!