How to Determine Which Eyeliner Style is Best For Your Eyes

Something even many avid beauty lovers don’t know is that how you apply your eyeliner should depend on the shape of your eyes. There are countless different eye shapes, including round, small, large, almond, close-set, wide-set, deep-set, and more. Every eye shape is different and should be celebrated for its unique beauty. A great way to enhance your natural eye shape is to apply your eyeliner in a way that complements the natural shape of your eyes. If you’re unsure of how to do that correctly, read on to learn how to determine which eyeliner style is best for your eyes.

1. Lengthen Round Eyes



If you have round eyes, a precise line of eyeliner around your entire eye can create a raccoon-esque appearance that you want to avoid. Round eyes are recognizable by their large and wide appearance; if you have round eyes, a noticeable amount of the whites of your eyes is likely visible when you look in the mirror without widening your eyes.

To add a bit of extended length to your round eyes and avoid the wide-eyed raccoon look, avoid lining the outer edge of your eye. Instead, end your liner at the outer corner of your eye without connecting the lines above your top lash line and below your bottom lash line. If you can’t resist connecting your liner, try a winged eyeliner look to add some length to your eyes.

2. Widen Almond Eyes



If you have almond eyes, your eyes are very thin. Women who have almond eyes usually  cannot see the tops and bottoms of their irises when they look in the mirror.

Almond-eyed beauties have a beautiful natural curve to their eye shape. If you have almond-shaped eyes, you can enhance the beauty of your eyes simply by following their natural curve. You should be careful to avoid thick liner if you have almond eyes, however; thinner lines can help prevent your eyes from looking too thin.

3. Make Small Eyes Look Bigger



Despite popular belief, small eyes are not a curse. In fact, if you have small eyes, your features likely appear more delicate, creating a dainty, fairy-like appearance.

If you have small eyes and want to help them appear bigger and more defined without making them disappear in the grand scheme of your face, avoid applying any eyeliner to your bottom lash line if you can. Applying a defining line of eyeliner along your top lash line only can help your eyes appear wider while still providing them with shape and definition.

4. Enhance Big Eyes With Versatility



If you have large eyes, you can pull off almost any eyeliner style. You can even rock no eyeliner at all without worrying about your eyes disappearing into the rest of your face.

However, if you have big eyes and you want to reel them in to avoid a buggy or bulged-out look, try lining the inner rims of your eyes as well s your top and bottom lash lines with dark eyeliner to help lend a more shaped appearance to your eye shape.

5. Separate Close-Set Eyes



Close-set eyes are eyes that are closer together than most other pairs of eyes. If you have close-set eyes, the space between the inner corners of your eyes is likely very narrow.

To shape and define close-set eyes without making them appear even closer together, avoid applying eyeliner near the inner corners of your eyes. Swipe your liner on more thickly near the outer edges of your eyes, and soften the line into nonexistence as you near the inner corners of your eyes. This trick will create an effect that draws more attention to the outer edges of your eyes and makes the narrow space between your eyes appear wider.

6. Squeeze In Wide-Set Eyes



Wide-set eyes are virtually the opposite of close-set eyes, as is to be expected from their name. Wide-set eyes are eyes that have a noticeably wide, exaggerated space between their inner corners.

To enhance wide-set eyes and help them appear more naturally closer together, you should make the eyeliner near the inner corners of your eyes more dramatic than the liner you apply to the outer edges of your eyes. Those with wide-set eyes should avoid applying liner that draws attention to the outer corners of your eyes, such as winged styles.

7. Make Deep-Set Eyes Pop



Deep-set eyes are eyes that are set deep into the back of your skull. They often appear as if they recede back into your head rather than pop outward.

To help draw your deep-set eyes forward, never apply thick eyeliner around your eyes. Thick, dramatic liner can add more shadows to your eyes and cause them to appear increasingly sunken. Instead, use a pencil eyeliner formula to apply thin, softer lines around your eyes to define them.

All eye shapes are created equal. You just need to know how to enhance your specific eye shape to make it pop. Use the tips in this post to determine your eye shape and learn how to determine which eyeliner style is best for your eyes.

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