DIY Decorative Stuffs to Make Your Room Autumn-chic

If you like making something DIY stuffs and if you want to add some warm vibes to your room, you may stay here for a while and check out what we’ve prepared for you. This post is called DIY Stuffs to Make Your Room Autumn-chic. You will see that all these DIY things have warm colors and the maple leaves will definitely make your room romantic and special.

If you would like to have some nice scents in your room, then, you can try to make a natural scent with the fresh lemon and plant leaves. We have a tutorial for you and you can just follow it. Now, scroll down and make a DIY ornament for your home. Enjoy!

Leaf Candle Holder
Leaf Candle Holder via
Fall Letti
Fall Letti via
Leaf Galand Made by Paper
Leaf Galand Made by Paper via
Fabric Ball
Fabric Ball via
Typographic Coasters
Typographic Coasters via
Faux Copper Vase
Faux Copper Vase via
Cinnamon Toddy
Cinnamon Toddy via
Natural Scent
Natural Scent via
Star-burst Trivet
Star-burst Trivet via

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