DIY Ideas: Give a New Look to Your Converse

Do you have old pairs of Converse shoes? Why not find them out and give them a new look. The post here is going to tell you some ideas of renewing the old pairs of Converse sneakers. Trust us! You will have a nearly brand new pair of shoes after using the ideas below.

Though there are thousands of ways to spice up the shoes. Here the DIY projects tell us that it’s useful for every girl to master three ways. First, you can add studs to the shoes. If you think that your shoes are pale, you can stud them by using the shiny stuff. Second, you can paint your shoes with your favorite color or favorite pattern. Third, you can make embroidery to your Converse shoe in order to create an elegant look.

All the pictures below will tell how these three main ways to work. Just get your hands busy and have fun with the DIY projects.

Embroidered Converse
Embroidered Converse via
Studded Shoes
Studded Shoes via
Beaded Shoes
Beaded Shoes via
Printed Shoes
Printed Shoes via
Beatles Converse
Beatles Converse via
Mismatched Shoes Lace
Mismatched Shoes Lace  via
Neon Converse
Neon Converse via
Converse with Glitter
Converse with Glitter via
Fashionable Shoes
Fashionable Shoes via
Sliver Shoes
Sliver Shoes via
Colorful Shoes
Colorful Shoes via
Fringe Shoes
Fringe Shoes via
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