DIY Ideas: T-shirt Makeovers

Do you want to have a one shoulder t-shirt for summer? You don’t need to buy a new one, but you can DIY one shoulder t-shirts on your own. Pull out the old t-shirts and change them into one shoulder t-shirts. You can find instructions in today’s post.

DIY ideas can not only help save money, but also help recycle the old clothing. They are really good to our environment. In addition, DIY ideas can spice up girls’ collection. You will not miss today’s DIY ideas we’ve picked up for you. Today’s DIY tutorials are all about one shoulder t-shirts. To make a one shoulder t-shirt is to bring a must-have stuff to your summer wardrobe. One shoulder t-shirts are adored by girls and they can reveal the beauty of the collarbone.

Girls do look pretty and sexy in the one shoulder t-shirts. Have a look at the post and get inspired to DIY one shoulder t-shirts at home.

One Shoulder Tank
One Shoulder Tank via
One Shoulder Shirt without Sewing
One Shoulder Shirt without Sewing via
Off Shoulder Top
Off Shoulder Top via
One Shoulder Top
One Shoulder Top via
Pretty Off Shoulder Shirt
Pretty Off Shoulder Shirt via
Stylish Shirt
Stylish Shirt via
No Sew Ladder T-shirt
No Sew Ladder T-shirt via
Off Shoulder Dress
Off Shoulder Dress via
No Sew One Shoulder T-shirt
No Sew One Shoulder T-shirt via
T-shirt via
Renewed T-shirt
Renewed T-shirt via
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